BKT VI Speciality Show & Baltic Sennenhund Winner 2019

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Estonian Bernese Mountain Dogs VI Speciality Show – 10.08.2019
Judge Helen Davenport-Willis (United Kingdom)

Baltic Sennenhund Winner 2019 – 11.08.2019
Judge Norbert Bachmann (Germany)

Jüri School stadium, Laste 3, Rae vald, 75301 Jüri, Harju county

Organizer: Estonian Bernese Mountain Dog Society
Show committee keeps the right to change or add the judge if necessary.

TITELS in Baltic Sennenhund Winner 2019:

Show classes  
ClassAge and requirementsTitles awarded
Baby Puppy4 – 6 monthsThe Best Baby Puppy of Breed
Puppy Class6 – 9 monthsThe Best Puppy of Breed
Junior Class9 – 18 monthsJUN CAC, BOBJ & BOSJ of
Breed and BOB & BOS
Intermediate Class15-24 monthsCAC and BOB & BOS
Open ClassOver 15 monthsCAC and BOB & BOS
Champion ClassDogs over 15 months who already are show champions.
Champion title must be submitted together with the entry form
CAC and BOB & BOS.
Veteran ClassDogs over 8 yearsVET CAC, BOBV & BOSV of
Breed and BOB & BOS
Breeder’s Class3-5 dogs of the same breed from one breeder. Dogs must
come from at least two different combinations of studmale
and bitch and be over 9 months of age and must
have received at least ‘VERY GOOD’ on the given show in quality judging.
The Best Breeder of the Breed
Progeny Class3-5 offsprings of a stud male or female. All the
offsprings must come from at least two different
combinations of stud-male and bitch, be over 9
months of age and must have received at least ‘VERY
GOOD’ on the given show in quality judging.
The Best Progency of the Breed
Brace CompetitionThe Best Brace of the Breed

Info and registration

Facebook: Berni Alpi Karjakoer – BKT

Entries are closed on 21.07.2019:

Please send:
Filled entry form;
Copy of the Pedigree certificate (excl. dog of EST and FI registry);
Copy of the payment order;
Copy of the certificate of the champion title to register in the Champion Class.
Confirmation of the registration will be sent by e-mail within 7 days after registration.


Necessary information for making the payment:

Beneficiary: Eesti Berni Alpi Karjakoerte Tõuühing
IBAN: EE971010220217086221
Details of payment: Dog name
Amount: According to the table below

(Prices in EUR):
/The prices include a catalogue/
until 23.06.2019
until 21.07.2019
until 07.08.2019
BABY / PUPPY25€ (15€)*25€ (15€)*25€ (15€)*prices for all
80€ (65€)*
DOG35€ (25€)*45€ (35€)*55€ (45€)*

*(member of BKT)
*Extra price minus 5€ (without the catalogue), starting from the second dog of the same owner, is valid only when entries are sent together.

Breeder and progeny class – FREE

Show regulations

Show Regulations confirmed by Estonian Kennel Union will apply at the show. The Show Regulations are available at the information desk at the show and also at the following link:


Vaccination requirements

All dogs participating at the show must have an ID-marking (tattoo or microchip). All dogs must be vaccinated in accordance with the requirements of the veterinary service and Estonian Kennel Union: To bring your dog to the show it must be accompanied by a Veterinary Passport. http://kennelliit.ee/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/VAKTSINEERIMISN%C3%95UDED-EN.pdf

Register now!

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